Hannah Dustin is my 7th Great Grandmother.  When I put this information on my personal page, My Strawberry Patch, I started getting email from "cousins."  I was so intrigued by the number of cousins I was finding that I thought I would start this website.  
I have put my direct line to Hannah, and what I have discovered about Hannah and her families. 
 Let me know where and how your branch fits in and I will add you. 
Thanks,  Let's make Hannah proud!!

My Line to Hannah

ME:  Pauline Audrey Rogers Nash
My Mother:  Irene Sutherland Rogers

   Her Father: Austin Graham Sutherland
        His Mother:
Emma J. Graham Sutherland
                Her Mother: Frances Soviah Chandler Graham
                        Her Mother:
Abigail Dustin Chandler 
                                Her Father: John Dustin 
                                      His Father: 
John Dustin I                                               His Father: Timothy Dustin

               And.....His Mother: 
                                     HANNAH EMERSON DUSTIN 


  Me and Hannah
 Pictures of Hannah and her visitors
New pictures added August 20,2004

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